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Skyline Harmony Chorus Leadership

Skyline Harmony Chorus thrives because of the energy and style of the people who have stepped up to lead. Here are a few of the people that make our ensemble tick:



Joan Henderson - Director

Joan Henderson has been in the Chorus for 20 years. Joan was the Directors' Coordinator for Sweet Adelines International's Region 14 for 6 years and still serves on the Region's Faculty. She is totally wrapped up in the music and the challenge of singing a cappella – no instruments or orchestra backup to lean on. It's all about our vocal capabilities, the fun in education, the joy of “getting it right” and ringing chords. Joan has an outgoing personality and loves to showcase the chorus in performances. “Shy” is not a word that people use to describe her when she's performing – her passion for the music shines through.  Joan's music background, enthusiasm and relationship with each woman in the chorus are just part of the synergy that makes Skyline Harmony the most joyous chorus in Charlottesville !





Maggie Ober -  Assistant Director


Maggie Ober has been barbershopping since 1992. She came to the chorus just looking for new friends and found a musical style that sang to her on many levels; she has learned about everything from sewing sequins and “what are Jazz hands?” to Pythagorean tuning and how to breathe. AND she found a great group of friends. Maggie is the “quiet one” to Joan’s energy, and she has held just about every Chorus office and tackled her share of “jobs that needed doing”.  Her enthusiasm and confidence provide a strong backbone for the rest of the chorus to build around.




Administrative Team

Zoe Cleveland - Team Coordinator


Linda Kelm - Financial Coordinator


Maryanna Williams - Communications/Membership Coordinator

Laurie McCullough - Secretary



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